Entrenched Racism

As an infant — I was born black,
Whom shall I blame for it?
The mother who embodied me long,
The aggregating melanin in the body,
Or The fate that adorned me?
Nay! It's not worthy to blame either.

Hence, Inborn naturally—
can neither be changed nor dismay.
Mere color has differentiated the hearts—
can neither be avoided nor abolished in a day.
But, The unmoved Caucasians—
can be educated and rationalized.

Today, Cruelty has taken over humanity.
The crusade are standing every way.
Appealing for justice impotently,
And me, sitting in the corner—
Waiting for the bright new sun,
Lusting for the rights I deserve.

No hope for the change seems,
But No More toleration is accepted.
We are the prolonged sufferer of favoritism,
But the future deserves a better spring.
A spring of reverence for its deeds only.

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