Enveloped Eternity

It was mystic, when there was no mirror,
One can only remember own soul,
At first it was capable of only calculate
Now it can also recognize the face,
When there was no light, electricity anywhere
Moment long before, the beginning of fire
Remind that the sun was not always there
Before installed to illuminate the sphere,
Moon even stopped, reflecting sometimes
Everyone here, not became blind
Love is not blind if you can look,
Life was better, within the womb
Beginning of an era, unfolding a jail
Recollect the tomb that symbolizes grail,
Future is sending, the micro drone back
Will be that tool trained to figure out the track?
Time is keeping pace, like a runway of rail
Creating a canvas, pursue the trail,
Peace beyond the patterns, you have to absorb
Although being streamed, on the precious orb,
Nourish the feel, machine cannot produce
The combination is cryptic, you know the use.

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