Envious Distractions

Envious of things ever so various
Furious of others' successes
Paying close attention to goals becoming precarious
That have deeply consumed my mind
Especially what others have achieved in little time.
Focused on everyone else's aspirations
While my own goals continue to decline
Submissive to any sort of temptation
Forces its way back into my mind
Provocation making my time benign.
Coming to a realization long protracted
To accept everything that is done and gone
To move forward and not become distracted
Disregarding leeches attached like a prawn
Setting mindset to additives not what's subtracted.
It is an everlasting challenge
To ignore all of your shortcomings
Even harder to focus just on yourself
And to not think about everyone else.
One must continue to remember
That only you can change your life
You are the lone sole contender
It is only your hand holding that knife
That flips through the pages of life
Striding forward with any sense of fight.
Regardless of others' successes
Envious of them ever so various
Accept that the past is done and gone
Control your own future
Not any other person but you.

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