I envy the sunflower for being so easily able to follow the light.
I wish to be heliotropic, and never myopic, and always so bright.
I envy the tree for being so easily able to branch out and grow
I wish to be strong, and never wrong, I wish to stay upright even when the wind blows

I envy the otters for holding each other so tightly they don't drift apart 
I wish to float, on my own with no boat, and recognize love as an art.
I envy the bees for trusting the breeze, and helping the world to be sweet 
I wish to be selfless, but never helpless, I wish to spread color & lead like a Queen

I wish to stand tall but I'd hate to make shadows
I'd stop feeling small if I could, but then I wouldn't fit the clothes I've made I know

I envy the leaves for changing color, and bringing some light to this world
I might spend some time on the ground, but I hope when I'm stepped on I'll still make a sound 

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