All hail Ephemestus,
For the great wall of China has already fallen face down.
Then the men are left in despair, and kings, without crowns.
For he; great and terrible, was once little and innocent;
And all, when he was born, were filled with merriment.
His youthful days were sheerly blended with appointments
Until his gracious soul was corrupted with Caesar's head; disappointment.!

For the young and great did he kill, made servants of the old.
His humane conscience was long gone, sold to the forest wanderers for a spoonful of gold;
And his fine face did he scar with unhealing marks.
Children were terrified of his adulterous name;
None but one is left to bear the blame.
For he saved Ephemestus' soul and saved terror for the future.
And no deliverer, did we think, was on the way

For our once golden hairs are now soiled with dungs,
All in the name of bowing down to worship that man as a god!
May our children be rid of Ephemestus without regret,
For his reign will soon be cut short, one none would easily forget.
For the smell of blood were good tidings to his pointed nostrils,
And he humanely burnt parents before their children
For the smoke which ascended swelled his soul and calmed his vex
And in front does he stand in wars, with his iron vests.

'Just an arrow will do'

And all our problems would be gone.
For our heartache has lost many of his men, but still stands strong.
Who will save us from Ephemestus' wrath?

A man who commands companies adorned in gold
His face is beautiful, but always masked in bold
With his figure which is second to none, seated comfortably on his seat of gold.
Where he sends legions of armies to war,
And blood is being spilled on pure white snow
Without remedy of sparing of a soul.
For he obeys orders more than King Saul;
So does he wipe away both man and cattle.
For he is almost a god in battle;
But for his heartbeat, a god is he!

And the souls of the dead would surely unify with the rest of us,
And fight against the mighty Ephemestus.
For all we know, many souls shall be lost,
And our bubbles may be burst.

'But just an arrow will do'

And our great foes will be gone into the underworld.
Then shall men rejoice and make merry for decades,
For Ephemestus will be gone; the wicked.
Then I Will burn incense before his grave
And walk along his trails with his son Dave
And teach him all I taught his father

All will rejoiece but I,
For he once saved me an eye
And was once my very good friend ,but befallen by dark skies.
For I remember when he was young and hearty,
He threaded on throngs and partied
And he saved the drowning boy to the amazement of all
For he never like swimming at al!

Oh! My great protégé and friend,
May your journey be peaceful to the underworld.
For the terror you unleashed on the world, was just circumstantial.
For you had many dreams and goals,
But you sold them all just for a bale of gold.
And may your mighty soul rest in peace
For though you were great and terrible,
Your corrupted soul was once young and full of smiles uncountable!

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