Epic Touch

I want a sparkling cider sizziling on my skin.
I felt the lightening shattering the dead skin to the curve.
Watchjng global warming sending glaciers up my veins,
I feel melting rocks settling down my spine. Dangling
fingers release an impluse of shock waves through the brain
cells of the human mind.
I pose a lilac lava deep within the legs, it generated
heat that block the face of the human soul.
Precipitation cleared the bumps & scars
but fog tore up the shades of beauty.

Hail has pressed against the bare souls of the feet.
I walk upon the flames drenched in water dropplets
covered the elbows of pain.
I cross fhe path of warm feathers as
I jumped over a bundle of cotton.
Relief has stimulated a nerve,
thread mended my opportunities,
Silk covered the attitudes and wool stoned the heart.
Moscoto released a hypnotized aroma.
Tingling sense the sweets spots.
Creavitiy sports a smile.

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