Epidemic Confrontation


Epidemic Confrontation

Here a struggle exists which once in your heart never leaves
Here a hatred exists made of darkness that forever grieves
Now it is here with us all on TV,
On a plane, in a bus, in a mall, on the sea
An epidemic from China haunting you that are free
Masks we must wear for those that we care
Chaos in our streets so hard to bear
Black versus white, wrong versus right
Epidemic confrontation that blots out the light
A city burns nightly; rioting people unsightly
Teachers on strike, police killed at night
We experiment with drugs our salvation
Hoping to cure our lives and our nation
We’ve seen this before
In many years past
We won over it then
This pain will not last
Freedom in peril, our country in danger
A nation in crisis, a people turned stranger
Is this the future we’ll see in our nation?
Something or nothing that’s our confrontation

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