I cant believe the words they are saying
singing right in front of me
talking about epiphanies
trying to write my rights in my journal
rolling my eyes casting away the shadows of tomorrow
the sad sad songs about these days
living in child like dreams
always thinking about misery
maybe God will have his epiphany?
and change his mind
clean his world to make more room
giving us everything
dig our way out with only spoons
no need for crosses wrapped around our hearts
nearly death can come across each other
figuring our lives from right and wrong
no slideshow in the end
life and death playing ping pong
only epiphanies from our point of view
following the yellow lines on the side of the road
and not following our hearts or minds
why follow this life of code?
the sad sad songs about these days
child like dreams rolling my eyes away from light
Tis is the end of our road for now
no need for crosses
no line of code
were made of epiphanies
nothing left
on this side of the road

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