I will bend but not break, I will thirst but not wither
I took one step towards God and He ran towards me with an embrace
The broken shoulders, the broken knees, the broken soul all of it
I had to be broken to be renewed, I had to be parched to be quenched

Renewed, resurged and rebirthed. Hither broken but alive
The tragic dismemberment of my existence by the Devil’s arrogance
Countered by the omnipresence of my Creator
In this dark sewer, the canvas of my portrait beholden by His mercy

Stroke by stroke, brush by brush the frame filled with my resurgence
Overcome with fear, I huddled like a baby in his maker’s arms
Dusted, bathed and lotioned with licks of love and nurture
I felt the breath of my angel on my face removing the clay of my iniquities

With mercy, with grace, this sumptuous epiphany
With renewed strength I embrace His grace
Unless I die, there is no healing and no renewal, no rebirth
My Eternal benefactor, my harbor my ship sails to her repose

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