Episode 1 of 41: Ksana-Kai

Episode 1 of 41: Ksana-Kai

She walks alone beneath the amber lamps,
her orange blossom colored skirt gently caressing her legs.
She cries as her tears drip down her cheeks, sobbing deeply
She is walking aimlessly, forgetting she had driven her car
to the airport. His plane roars over her head and she looks on,

She had lied to him. She had told him she didn't really love him.
That she was using him to get back at her first love.
That he would be better off going back home to his family.
There he would find true love, the love that he deserved.
But she had lied because she was hiding another secret.

Hadn't she been unfaithful? Hadn't she promised him eternal love?
This is not the ending she had in mind when they first met...
She had been with her family at the beach, a family picnic.
There she had been strolling where the water laps the seashore,
it's frothy bubbles leaving their residue upon the sand.

Her thoughts lost in those bubbles, she had bumped into him.
They say the ocean is cleansing itself, purging dead algae,
salt, and other dissolved organic matter. And the ions,
one merely needs to breath deeply and walk upon the beach
and the cleansing occurs as one breathes in and then out.

Ksana-Kai volume I
by Lewis Jackson

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