By Brown11   

In the background the door of a grocery store chimes as a couple walk by, thier loud stares, and glares, sets the tone of disgrace the other Parton dare not to share on this past used stage

For loney old souls How long will they hold the hatered of one of thier own, their faith has no home, events long but not forgotten left thier love stone cold.

The Parton with a heavy heart, looks down from his crown and starts to fall apart.

in the distance of his mental composition seemes to be a resistance, no longer can peace be kept tame that once slept awakens with a vengeance.

one step closer to the flaming rage, a gentle look overtook the animal in his cage.

Peace be with you a noble man said, with eyes of gentleness, love assembles these hearts that feels dead

To unite and set away all the dismay that causes us to loos sight, and feel shame

In all we see, let hatred flee, to embrace the belief of equality.

An original poem.

By Gary Brown.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem to reflect on the importance of being equal