Nations of the world today
seek a global union they say,
But common sense will tell you true
Not all think as me or you,
Since mankind in the Bible times
Sought a union of some kind,
The 'tower to heaven' let us build,
And be as one people- very skilled,
But they were quickly made to see
That such a dream was not to be
Language alone does not unite,
And no one culture for all is right,
The only real union will come from above,
By the Creator of life and love,
When men of one spirit and heart unite
Then unity of nations is in sight,
So only the One who created man
will bring together the human band
A unity not where culture leads
But equality of love and good deeds
Look not to human efforts my friend
That will not be a happy end,
Look above to find a plan,
The one who unites is the Creator of Man.

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