Something is happening in the world
So called religion; how obscured!
No it is not obscured it is simply between a man and his god.
People claim they want segregation between church and state.
Isn't America a place of equality?!?
Isn't is this what we fought for, was equality?
But I won't stop there.
I fear no man!
I might not know what will next but hopefully something positive.
I am a ridged believer when it comes to someone being
belittled for what they believe in.
I've have been to the Promised Land, to the mountain top and back.
I can see God Children walking and holding hands.
There will be a day where we all as people will be
able to sit, smile, and laugh together.
We just want to be free!
We just want to be equal!
I just want to do.the will of God

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