Equations and Reincarnations

I’ve loved you for a while now,
But that time could never equate how I feel for you.
My feelings is a complex equation even Einstein can never solve.
No amount of formulas can decode because I, the source can’t even decipher how is it possible to love someone you’ve known just for a while
Maybe because my feelings is a problem that doesn’t need solving
Because no matter how much the value of my affection is when multiplied to yours the answer is the same, zero
And when I ask you how you feel about me, just like that zero on the position of the divisor, the answer is undefined
You see the exponential value of my affection is an infinity but yours will never be a logarithmic function, an inverse of my emotions because yours just isn’t as near as what I feel[
I met you in September
Since then the love I felt for you has been constant intertwined with the pain
Love is what I tried to avoid then because I know where it would lead to and I wasn’t wrong because love is now eating me alive while you ask me to let you go
Love is the bridge to our broken hearts that you tried to set on fire
Love was the glue to our broken hearts but we know it wouldn’t work unless we both try
Love is what keeps me from letting you go because no matter how far you’ll go pushing me away, I’d stay and now love is the same reason I have to let you go because I wasn’t good enough for you anymore.
We’ve known each other for 8 months now, I loved you since then
You left me almost two months ago, I never stopped loving you since then
Six months felt like a lifetime with you
You make me feel like I loved you since my first life
We may fail now but when my body collapse and my bones have sunken,
And my soul has been reincarnated, I will look for you in another life
Maybe we can try again and succeed
Maybe we’ll fail, again and again and when given another chance in life, I’d still look for you,
Hoping I’d see you in a crowd of million people or cats or chimpanzees or in whatever form of living thing we maybe in other life.
You see the world is now a billion years old and I am thankful I met you the moment I did because centuries have passed and our lives may not have crossed but when I saw you in person the first time I knew there was no turning back.
I wonder if it’s the same for the past few lives we’ve lived and if we crossed paths the same that we did.
I hope I marked you in your heart, not a scar but a birthmark
So that when I look for you in another life, I’d see you and know it’s you and maybe ask you for another chance you refused to give me in this life because you said us ending was inevitable
But the truth is, I can never take your love away from the equation
Even though my soul has been through hundreds of reincarnation

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