Erase [a Race…] For Divinity

Evolution's animal stalks us still
Its blind aggression still in full session
Unknowing drives override freewill
As base desires feed an old obsession
But there's a saving grace hiding deep inside
A much brighter place, a far lighter side
Than the beast-led ego's shameless drive
To win the struggle and survive

There's a divine connection to provide protection
A nexus to a higher plane
Where conscience, guilt, intuition's reflection
Reach high for their ethereal aim
Part of God's great plan that the hearts of man
Kind and gentler soon for the race we've run
Should open wide to our angel nature
As long shone by God's greatest son

The beast retreats before the grand design
As seen sublime in his brightest dreams
The earth race won and reconciled
The race of man at last redeemed
Peace on earth much nearer
Than it's always seemed

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