Erin’s Confesson

Trees rustle in warm summer air,
Yes, this is what I've longed for.
That cool breeze that tickles my scalp through hair,
This is the weather that has me running for the door.

Beside me walks Iggy, so tall, much taller than I.
He holds his shoes by the laces, constantly slapping his back.
"How've you been, Erin?" he sighs.
"I've been well," I say, giving my humid lips a smack.

My stomach's in knots,
The air won't help, seeing as I'll sweat.
I dwell on unwanted thoughts,
My foot dips into murky water, my fears are soon to be met.

This could go so terribly wrong.
"I have to tell you something; you might be mad."
"I won't," Iggy hums like my blood hound's morning song.
"I've been thinking- your shoes are off, running away might be bad."

"Why should I run? Who are you thinking of? Johnny Lu?"
"You" I point, "I love you. The ache in my heart will not rest."
His eyes shine bright, his face pink in hue.
"Let it ache no more, for it is I who will love you best."

"I'm not sure what you mean?"
"I love you, too, my silly friend."
My shoulders seem to lift in confidence, brighter than a sun beam.
He takes my hand, thank God that things turned out well in the end.

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