Rattling leafs
Roaring waters
Falling hailstones
Rejoicing winds
Powerful in its self
Stillness we hear
Skipping calf
Lebanon and Sirion
Dividing flames
Kadesh: fear stricken
Stillness we hear
Darkness upon the suncave
Embraced in it waters
Still and small
We hear thy voice
In thunder of splendour
And power
God Almighty
Creator of all things
Makerbof nutrients
tasting none
Dwelling in praises of Saints
Your presence trembles Hades
darkness resides beneath your sole

Seven days you made the universe
Your right hand upholds it
You ara God
that makes TRYST with men
never losing the fort
Bringing peace and sadness
Bringing prosperity and famine
Requester of us all
You are God
Valiant in battle
Father of An then a
Guardian of our prime
Requester of us all
at dusk age
We close our eyes
And poem them
at the pearlsgate
Embodied in your glory
To sing your praises
in the after world
Our life turned a jiffy in your WYES
You ara God
Terrible in Majesty

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    This Poems Story

    This is an appraisal poemninc which the poet tells of the wondrous characteristics of the Almighty God, giver of all things. It is a dramatic monologue- moving from the provocation of God's quietness to prayer supplication and to his omnipotent mysteries being stressed. The poet makes good use of aphorism, bible characters and witticisms to build a strong poem.