Water drips down my face as I emerge from the dark ocean
Where unwanted creatures live.
My eyes are red from the salt-water,
Or at least that's what I tell my family.
The ocean is a place to hide,
Where I can join creatures fifty feet under and never come up again.
Where I can stay in the darkness forever,
Never to be bothered again.
My chance to escape the world, escape my life,
Escape the pity in everyone's eyes when they look at me,
Never to be questioned again.
My parents are talking to me, but it's distant and I don't hear
Until my brother jokes about how stupid I am.
I laugh, that's what I'm supposed to do, but in my head,
I know he's right, my brain wraps around his words,
Closing them in, just like the ocean will close around me.
I turn back and face the dark ocean of my mind.
It calls to me, yearning to enclose ice-cold arms around my throat.
My family wonders what I'm doing,
But I don't want to be doubted anymore, I don't turn back.
I run to the darkness and fall inside, ready for everything to end.
I sink deeper and deeper into the ocean,
Escaping everything, but strong, warm arms pull me out of my escape,
Forcing me to live in the darkness forever.
My brother thinks he saved me but he pushed me further in the ocean,

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