Pressed up firmly against the stone cold wall
Eyes searching frantically
She gazes up at the starless night
The cool November air chilling her bones
Wind whipped hair and dry cracked lips
A owl hoots carelessly in the distance
The lone wolf faintly howls from afar
She is searching endlessly for the one she loves
The bottle of hope slowly begins to slip out of her fragile hands
Until she loses grip
and it shatters into a thousand tiny fragments of grief
The moonlight creeps out
Reflecting off the broken glass
She breaks into a fierce sprint
Sweat drips down upon her brow
Running in the wrong direction going nowhere
Nowhere to go
Drops of blood splatter across the sidewalk and seep into the cracks
Hushed whispers brush past her ear
Send chills down her spine
A twinkle of a lonely star breaks out from under the smokey clouds.

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