The rickety door slammed shut for the last time,
the crisp autumn wind brushed against her pale skin,
wind cooled by the crescent moon warmed her,
step after step the ground rough on her exposed feet,
her body began to move faster and faster, soon she was running,
lungs breathing hard for the first time, for her rebirth,
staggering she glanced one last time at the rotten shack,
the shack filled with lies and pain,
pain no one would see behind that rickety door,
the shack she was confined to,
one last glance to the darkness for everything was brighter now,
now only looking to the forest and her path,
moonlight was all she had to guide her,
this forest old with age, new with guest,
this forest like her knew she would be hunted,
hunted like a wolf hunts a sheep,
footprints bearing down this path leave the sorest,
an evil laughter entered the forest, evil like the wolfs cry,
silencing all, even the crickets who felt the fear,
heart pounding within her chest, fear consumed her,
eyes still adjusting grow even wider,
searching, searching for an escape,
escape from this hell,
her prayers seemed forever unanswered,
had the angels she once loved abandoned her,
blood dripped from her feet like a crimson tide,
relentlessly her body still moved down the path,
ensnared ever more in the dark forest,
glancing all around she removed her shackle,
a tiny circle that bounded her to a demon,
a demon the angels blessed her to in the house of God,
all light had seem to fade with her hope,
salvation had arrived in a bright flashing blue light,
an armored savior stepped out of a steel horse,
by the hand he took her to safety,
safety ending this black sacrament.

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