I can't accept the past, it haunts me
Even with the music on blast it taunts me
It lingers in the air and won't let me get any sleep
It just plays over in my head and makes me weep
I can't even eat without wanting to throw up
And I can't think about it without wanting to blow up

No matter how far I try to run away and hide
I can't get away from it and it hurts me inside
I withdrew myself from the earth but not from this
For this is something that I can't dismiss
This is a problem I can't wash away even if I tried
I can't even get rid of it with all the tears I cried

The emotional scares just don't seem to fade
I have to live with this every day, I am afraid
Because I don't feel safe anywhere I go
I am depressed but I can't heal if nobody knows
So everywhere I go these walls won't let me escape
Because I am a victim of rape

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