I'm drowning and I can't swim.
My hands are tied above my head.
I'm blindfolded yet I was already blind.
I've been patiently waiting for someone
To come rescue me,
Yet no one seems to hear my
Desperate cries into the night.
I kick, I scream, I fight with these thoughts
Drifting in my mind.
I've been kidnapped by very thoughts
And there's no escape.
Paranoia lingers and flutters in my chest unnecessarily.
Constantly making me worry about
What venomous words are escaping their mouths.
My insecurities beat me down and
Attempt to bury me alive until I suffocate.
I've got to find a way to reach the surface,
To dig my way out before something drags
Me back down again.
I've got to break through the rock
And soil and extend my hand into the
Cool night before I run out of air.
Yet there is still no such thing or being as escape.

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