Escape to Mars

Escape to mars
Hey budding youngsters! I have a tale to tell you
The darkest year we have been through
2020 was a twin year
Brought a lot of pain that mother earth had to bear.

“Why granny what happened?”
CHILD it was a year which changed the face of economy,
Money had no value, only corona was infamy.
“Corona what was that?”
It’s a virus which came through bat
On the wretched day of 31 December 2019 from china it started
“China isn’t tat country eradicated?”
Yes my child you are right
That country had no right to survive.

“What else happened granny?”
Vizag gas leak was another tragedy
On 7 may 2020 there was a gas leak at LG Polymer Company
12 people died and thousands ended up in hospital causality
“that’s all grandma I don’t want to hear more “
CHILD don’t worry we are in mars you don’t have to suffer any more.

But hat next happened
Child seven times the shattered
Cuz the 7 earthquakes gave a threat to die

There was another reason to mourn
Several lodges were without home cuz of amphan cyclone
Adding to bad situation and making it worse
There was an attack of grasshopper as a curse
There are many worse which I can’t hide

But< Granny how did u survive I stayed at home and sanitized each and every thing which came from outside Child carry on this tale to every mind Say them to be compassionate towards nature and mankind Or else you will have to suffer from what did I.

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