Escaped Me

My body’s shaking
The wind turns cold
And as I walk through
The darkness
All I can think of
Is you, you are my home

There were nights
When I couldn’t breathe
Because of the fear
That swelled up
Of me

And you were always
Your light
Guiding me
Through the darkness
Helping me find my destiny

And in an instant
My world came crashing down
All over again
All of the lies
The infidelities
I used them to push you away from me

You thought of me
As your savior
And I knew I could
Only ever let you down
I didn’t want it to
Be that way

And now
Standing in the cold
I know just how
Lost I’ve become
While trying to
Keep your heart safe

A war of words
Is nothing compared
To the destruction
Of feelings
That I’ve left
In your path

There is nothing
That will ever
Make you come back to me
And I’ll forever
Be lost in the memories
Of the love the hero I lost when you escaped me.

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