Escaped Rain Storm

It is now beyond the world good matter disaster bad rad. I gag indispensable travels in a bag on a blanket. It has been a tackle with shackles out of laughs and me fragile. A person a mind thinking to cause a mess then cringe dead vines celebrity. I'm not that's fine behind me while at rest. To be free of the lions when the time it's dry then fly within butterflies.
I guess jovial what times? I don't remember again wrapped up in a net.

The most broken to hope not how many times can I repeat indifferent ways that goes to remote to say who controls those that seek. There is a following of a show of souls better than. I can control poets of generations of no sign remain soak level made.
That is of no growth to change let me roast the lames about what they bring opinions. A blame of something knows someone like that. In it was flown a silly song who won't listen to that. When wrote in these lyrics times not clear to print a page of ideas that I instill creative magic awe inspiring. Aspiring the drift what is real?

Some may ask why? It is because I'm ill mentally the sear off the mountain anger with bipolar antics. In all humanity separate us with vanity solid materials he can't stand it.
That these persons will not they will admit given shown a taste of freedom. For the sin did it lacking the attraction magnet apache; at the beginning it was the two of them trust failed.

The angel of strange smoke filled Lyuarisa and Kcallia. Then the Goths Harkiel partly world does pass them through. This false fame everyone rains from the clouds onto themselves to feel worthy of such one. Who are us the two Harkiel and Rheden those names are both used.

Who does deserve not one to us so Christians say but Jesus is all reason for season but what meaning is of that to me? Nothing more.

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