Escaping the ordinary...

I’ve turned down the mediocre paths,
I’m heading towards eternity.
They say,
You’re running away from reality,
But hey,
That’s where I find my serenity.

The destination is known,
The path remains a mystery,
But girl,
How will you move on?
when you’re still drowned in the history!

Escaping the ordinary,
Creating my own sunshine,
I know I’m not done yet,
And hence,
Losing myself to be discovered by fate.

I’ve uplifted my spirit, updated my soul and
outdated the mediocrity,
Immersing myself into a world,
that marks my integrity.

I know good things take time,
and that,
they’re always late when the turn is mine.
But I’ve waited for a too long and now,
It’s my time to shine.
There’s deep melancholy inside,
My heart full of bruises and wounds,
There’re only silences around,
And the answers to my destiny are nowhere to be found.

But now,
As I have taken the step further,
And dared to sail through this nightmare,
The sky is the limit for me,
And I won’t stop,
Until I make the world stare.

I still got a lot of fire in me,
My struggle adding fuel to it,
There’re demons inside my head,
that I got to defeat.

It’s time to ignite my spark
and rekindle my power,
The stage is set,
spotlights are upon me,

but before I have anything to say,
let me thank my constant companions,
who always provided me a ray!

My sleepless nights, my struggling fights,
My dreams and my rights,
The belief that kept me alive,
And the stars that gave me hope,
We’ve come a long way,
We’ve made it through every grey
And this is our day!

I’ll always take you along and it won’t be long;
When another day,
We’ll rise to paradise and realize,
This is what it takes,
To defy the dark skies…

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