Breaking the chains of bondage, longing to be free
These chains start from my neck and end past my knee
The anchors that weigh me laugh at my dismay
The people package painful printed photos of me to portray
My head is much too heavy to lift or even pose a smile
The girl I once knew was ignorant, and the girl I am now is in denial
I let out quiet screams during the night
I can see a light and it fuels my fight
I’ve been running this race called life for 100 years
Trying to find a way out could lead to one of my biggest fears
I look up and see how far down this hole I am
How will I get up there?! It feels as if I’m damned
I nibble through the duct tape that covers my mouth
Now I’m able to call for help so I start to scream and shout
I hear footsteps approaching and I’m relived but I need to be cautious
A large figure throws down a rope and I’m so anxious I feel nauseous
I grab hold of the rope and I feel a tug
I'm not a scrooge but on my way up I thought nothing but “Bah-humbug”
How do I know this is not another trap?!
All I know is that once I get up, I will never look back

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