I will love you till kingdom come he says
on the days where we are wrapped up in white
polyester sheets and a baby-blue comforter
and honor-roll certificates from 2011 adorn the drywall

through the blinds, light leaks in
bathes him, and goes through me
it washes all the bad out of him
sloughs off his sins like dead skin cells
i breathe them in and i sneeze

if today were judgment day, we would be separated
he would end up in heaven, probably
because even the angels can't punish a face like that
i, on the other hand, would be banished to hell
and i might even like it there, the angels would say
since i already learned to love one devil

with the baby-blue comforter around me, the bruises blend in
washes them out to the river alongside his sins
the flecks in his eyes that burned red yesterday are gold today

i think he might have the powers of midas
i think he has turned me to heavy gold, because i cannot move

he is only gold when he wants to be
but when he is, the angels sing
and i know i am trapped here til kingdom come

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