We have been struck and stabbed on our hearts
When fear came and danced before our eyes
And made our flesh numb
Without a solution we are dumb
Hopelessness beheld our broken voices with contempt
When scorn ran high at stake before the kraal of time
It is like a satirical mime
The folk add to it's veracity of strangling us
Like an open book marred by tunes of time
The viscera catapulted inwardly, tripping delicately out
The bones outlived of their anatomy
Long lost the much anticipated symphony
For the gates flipped out, scattering any ember kept within
And burnt our hopes mercilessly
These things have no heroes,
Every sinew chewed to days on end
No pristine orders
Aids in increasing our death toll
Just like a simple bill roll
A reimbursement of our morals
Like smitten corals
Struck by an unbecoming wave
So we stood still when it first came
No requiems
No palm wreaths laid
It gnawed us arrogantly
We bid it our silent and solemn farewells
For this scourge still triumphed

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