Essence of Soul

A wind shifts in the ocean of time
A melody is constructed; created to rhyme
It pours out like water and passion aflame
It speaks its existence and resounds its name

It cannot be deterted from its purpose
It cannot be held in esteem as worthless
Its power is of its own great command
Its echo is shouted forth as of its own demand

It is not in the waters of the river
It dwells not in the salt of the sea
It cannot be revealed in the heart of a deciever
It isn't found in the shadows that cannot see

It isn't found in the seat of hell, circles seven
The foul voices speak it not, to their own shame
It is found in the heights of the heaven
The stars burn in their zeal to explain

Where its steps are found underneath the burning sun
creatures gather round and whisper what it has done
The hearts of men can only hope to abide in its presence
It erases the sin and consumes all darkness and its essence

It is love, of which all that was has ever sung
It is hope, of which was in all things ever done
It is peace, in which all source of joy abides
It is mercy, in which all zeal and doubt hides

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