And there we were
Earthbound heaven
Standing on the precipice of something great
And I could smell the moon still caught in your hair,
Dangling there like tufts of eternity,
Galaxies burned behind bright blue eyes,
Your likeness captured in the cosmos
and for a moment I could have believed you were supernova.

But then the ocean sky came crashing down above us
And we were swept into the ebb and flow of eventide
Engulfed by Dawn as she grasped at the night sky
In the hopes of turning our beautiful twilight rosy fingered

And in those moments I saw you, wide-eyed and skeptic,
Infinite and infinitesimal,
A walking contradiction
Caught in the crosswalk of a star-cross'd lover's diction,
A work of fiction brought on by fever dreams and fool's conviction

I prayed to Helios,
Pleaded with him to recant his brilliant light
Asked him to turn back his shining chariot
And bring me back the night

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