I slept so well not knowing that

your soul was searching

for a place to dwell.

Laying awake, praying for my Love

to gain favor from above

Blame it on the moon

For I slept too soon

My sleep was bliss where I dreamt

Of nothing amiss except being

with my true love

Safe and sound I slept in his arms

meandering in my dreams

to a place of quaint mystical streams

with the sun upon his handsome face

we watched the sunrise together

a kiss we exchanged as the day had begun

our vows sung for eternal burns our flame

as the church bells rung

I knew you before I met you

whence time was created

our souls merged, knowing no beginning nor ending

As I look upon your loving gaze

I knew you, Love, before I met you

you amaze me now, as you did then

We have known each other since eternity

That is undeniable!

our trajectory guided to the other’s souls,

to search for that which was lost

to love you the most of all

I have loved you from here to eternity

I avow my love is eternal

I will love you till infinity and beyond

now that I have found certainty

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This Poems Story

the type of relationship where he finishes your sentences, he senses your distress from miles apart, he completes you as he loved your before this