Eternal Blue

I can perceive the wondrous beauty which lies in the great blue sea.
The most marvelous and perplexing things far below the trees.
Her sapphire blue waves as a blanket over her babes.
The strange and majestic creatures which crawl her ocean caves.
A vast, green, blanket of sea weeds dance happily to her tune.
Her face glows with the cool, soft, reflection of the moon.
Her secrets she keeps closed, below her mounds of golden sand.
She hides the ol' mariner's pearly white hands.
The tears of her eyes flow, great rivers and streams.
When I saw her unpolluted beauty, I thought it to be a dream.
The fish of the sea weave though her murky waters.
In her protecting palm, safe from man's desolation and slaughter.
Oh seas, bury my bones in your tranquil catacombs.
Cover my face with your solemn and peaceful eternal kiss.
Oh below the depth is my ever lasting home.
The fish gather around, the ocean laments for I shall be missed.
Sing me your sad blue songs.
Sing me your melody all the night long.

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