Eternal Curse

It feasts upon the flesh of man,
The rotting thought of tarnished mind.
And yet to you, it never lived,
It glows most vibrant in ignorant deeds.
Through ancient words of spoiled fear
The monster laughs, breeding fast.
The blind can see its glowing eyes,
The deaf can hear its cracking voice.
Mischievous blunders of yesterday's ash
Will echo in silence from our demise.
The monster cries with clenching fists,
And waits in quiet above our eyes.
We stole the green from this old earth,
And fed dark fires as red as blood.
Truth be told we can't forget,
The breeding beast which fasts for none.
The restless dead who twist and turn,
Wail and stutter with days gone lost;
With brittle bone and dusty thought,
They remember the monster well enough.

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