Eternal Darkness Pt. 2

To a woman those word were told;

from my heart despite the cold.

She was the most beautiful thing my eyes ever sought;

so, in my mind... without question, her war was fought.

On the the outside she seemed to be of cheer;

but, on the inside she screamed for no one to hear.

I knew her war wouldn't be won with ease;

but, to my gated heart she held the keys.

You see, on my shoulders rest tremendous weight;

and, in my soul resides an unspeakable hate.

I walk in darkness, forever... on my own;

and, I thought for once, just once... I wouldn't have to do it alone.

When we met I thought it to be fate;

for around her vanished all my hate.

Against an ever-lasting darkness she was my light;

I ran undefeated... destined to win any fight.

With her gone so leaves the light;

wrapped in eternal darkness I am cursed to forever fight.

Will it ever end? No one knows... not even I;

but, rest assured on me you can rely.

Against this darkness I was chosen to defend;

I don't know how long I'll last but, it cannot win...

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