Eternal Goodbye

The sun-kissed waves caressed the sands, bare,
Sauntering alone, the breeze tousled her hair.
As a tinge of purple glammed up the skies,
Into nothingness, she gazed on with doe eyes...
She settled on a bench, as memories retraced,
On a candle-lit table, cups of coffee, brandy-laced...
Underneath the stars, the night, cozy and nice,
Love blossomed, as she drowned into his eyes!
Being an orphan, she forever craved for some care...
Rendered lonesome, there was so much to share!
The face glittered in happiness, the face, once grim,
The warmth of his love, still seemed a dream!!
But, eternal happiness was perhaps an illusion of some dreamer...
'Cause her blissful world of love soon lost its shimmer!!
Born green, she was, in the the seasoned world of betrayal... Immersed in innocent love, her heart stood in denial,
When slapped hard with the reality that he was a cheat,
More than the truth, it was his words that hit...
"Tired of your shitty love, can't bear any more.."
"Little did I know that you would be such a bore!"
Heart-ripping apart, she let out a warm smile,
"Thanks for your care, though for a while...
" Hard it was and yet she stood tough, "Thank you for giving me the first essence of love!"
"Take care", she continued and held him in an embrace...
And with that she left and left him in a daze!
Getting off the bench as night fell upon the sky,
Resolved, she bade her past an eternal goodbye!!

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