Eternal Inferno

My previous state of darkness I once coincided
Has so suddenly converted to being worthwhile and so lighted
Resulting in celestial flares so fierce the earth shifts
For our ignescent union induced a flame and gunpowder kiss
Commencing this craving for the volatile feeling of your lips
On all the things I've wished upon, and all the tears that I've wept
Could not even flicker or begin to diminish this wildfire we have set
This fervor furnace ever-burning on its never-ending coals
A continuous inferno scorching the combination of our souls
Drawing out the firefighters and setting off smoke alarms
Nothing else even matters if I'm scorched here in your arms
Together we molten in our world lit ablaze
In our conflaguration of ardor where temperatures have been raised
As long as I am with you, my surroundings can get frayed
Always keep me sizzling in our flicked susuration of ardor
Fueled by inflamed promises of wanting no one more
My survival is not possible without the kiss from your lips
So together we must burn for eternity like a pair of arsonists

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