Eternal Legion Of Death Darkness

The air is filled with bad smells energetic nails hit head caused
a fracture twist rounded into inflexible.
I don't think it incoherent make movement plan costly effect
imminent vilification messenger.
The telling to who it would be? The breech the leech sucked in a
mass portal of the unknown melt shown recent alone way strong.

The simple song try along stable horse unable to ride
home heart ache break scattered.
It's over the lake constant plates shake fate off this world cursed.
It's for torn fabric shirts heal well burst cannot.
The correct diagnosis work lost with the medication
lunatic a soon thirst for blood.

This will deplete when sober wow loner cooking reach in then
hot blaze pour through with bleach.
It's down to a throat meeting death go face palm real notes.
I'm the coast low key to throw ropes to choke install
colossal shining dumb gum drop.
The silver rocks to adopt easy watch then it stops in rolls.

This show peels away a side show host mop the floor cabin
axe pierced lack steering forward.
These motion by devotion to no one just a gun on flashing
steel gun back bullets into one.

I ill saw exploding roast spoke to me been erosion particles
subatomic without words.
Its action that they seem lasting the magnet a habit in versed the coffins tomb.

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This Poems Story

It's about the legion of satanic creativity and the atheist preference overall.