Eternal Love

I can not forget what I am forced to remember
With every snowflake that falls in December
With every bright twinkle of a far away star
And the brief eternity spent in the headlamps of a car
A moment suspended in time
A memory bigger than life
A fleeting glimpse
Desperately clinch, but grasp you can not
Time becomes irrelevant
You don't want to let go but it isn't yours to keep
It's an uphill battle and the slopes are way too steep
You can see her, smell her, even taste her
Alas, to touch escapes you
Is the Sun not hot?
Can not its glorious rays warm the confines of this cold heart
Melting and oozing love from every seam
Or is our love lost amongst the ages?
Reduced to a single solitary memory
suspended in time, frozen in the high beams
waiting for impact
Death upon us the question still remains
Will the notion fossilize?
This grand emotion buried in stone
Banished from existence
Or in death set it free
Expanding though the cosmos
Colliding with galaxies
Ever growing stronger, immortal
Into a universe in itself
The cycle reborn the birth of new universe
From a single spec of love suspended in time
God is love
Love is God

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