Eternal love

You could never understand my love for you.
The gaze which only seeked for you.
In a crowd,among a million people I could find you.
For you are my shining star,always so bright and beautiful.
Oh,how I wished that I could convey these feeling to you.
How I wonder,I could tell you?
In the picture where I stood beside you,it was the moment which I so longed for.
To you it was any other snap shot,but to me it was everything that I wished for.
Being with you,sharing the same space.
Wearing shirts like couples with same shades.
Talking like we were friends forever.However,few words you spoke with me;it didn’t matter.
For I was crazy about you.My thoughts were full of you.
So much did I love you……only to miss you..
Oh how I wished that I had the nerve,to tell aloud my feelings for you(2)
But my voice got choked within, nothing would come out even if wanted it to.
So my hidden love will remain so,as long as I’m alive it will burn for you.
Through this poem,I want to let you know that even today I wait for you.

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