Eternal Love

Why would anyone be against Jesus?
All He did was try to help people win their salvation.
He brought love with Him along with meekness.
What's wrong with that? Isn't this a revelation?
Sure, He sat with tax collectors; He needed to save their souls.
The ones He scolded were trying to trick Him when He spoke,
That's why He used parables to help them understand their roles.
So what if He talked to His Father-don't we all at times invoke?
Everything He did, he did for us and other generations.
I am proud to be His follower-why not? He's the Lord.
All are welcome, even atheists and pagans;
His train is leaving shortly, make sure you're on board.
Just remember, Jesus gave His life for love
so that He could save our lives.with eternal love.

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This Poems Story

I'm a retired legislator from Illinois. I recently became a widower after forty-three years of marriage to my beloved Ethel. We had no children. I enrolled in a poetry class last spring at Morraine Valley Community College and I was aked by our teacher to write a sonnet. It seemed natural for me to write about Jesus. Everyone knows "The Greatest Story Every Told." All I needed to do was follow the rules of a sonnet and develop a conclusion which summarized His story.