Eternal Road

Walking down a sordid road
Fighting lies that plague my mind
Swords and spears will not divide
Who I am and what I hide

I am not a mortal soul
In this world, I was not born
But I am not invincible
Eternal life can still feel worn

This road I walk may never end
Unlike my strength to walk alone
To live up to all that I am told
I age while never growing old

These flowers begging to be smelled
I should feel guilty walking past
These moments; days, may never last
Except for the eternal caste

What gives value to a thing?
Beauty is found everywhere
When loss does not let us compare
The colors fades beneath our stare

When we expect another day
Another week to contemplate
A life can simply slip away
When given an eternal fate

Eternity is not found in itself
The clock that is slowly winding down
An infant gone before a sound
That is where the eternal is found

Not the most and not the least
More than anyone would ask
Not the length, but more the path
Is what will grant eternal masks

This road is long, my feet drag on
I have not seen beauty in awhile
I will stop today after a mile
And find a thing to give a smile

The length of life will not complete
The need to live a life well lived
What is not taken, I will give
Eternal is the lie I fight

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