Eternal shores of Infinity. .. …

We came from infinite space,
windblown across everlasting time,
from ocean depths of eternity,
by grace of providence divine,
your reflection's of light's embrace,,
Our spirits rolled to shores,
from the oceans mighty waves,
into this world's full diversity,
a newcomer born that craves,
children of space, time and stars,,
Embracing this world's mortal coil,
this challenge we are given,
the foundations we will set,
a force that is driven,
the Honors of lifelong toil,,
Your dying days mortal old,
Patriarchs that knows their end,
standing before at eternity's shores,
their lifelong Hopes happily transcend,
into light's infinity to hold,,
Again your spirits will soar,
on the winds across time,
flying again throughout infinite space,
born again by Providence divine,
waves on a new shore.

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This Poems Story

Have you ever dreamed, that there can be something greater than religion itself? I contend, yes, only because I have come to an understanding, that faith in itself, is the new chapter coming for all humanity, that many will consider this to be nothing more than absurd notions of heresy, that threatens the establishments to the ages of old and our ancestors. The new frontiers of, in the condition to the human belief and faith is changing, again, and we all must step forward and stand before the world, in Liberty, Freedom and Honor, no matter what you believe in.