Eternal Slumber

Sitting at home alone staring at the clock
Seems I've come across a bad case of writers block
So I reach back deep in the depths of my mind
To find an extraordinary power, truly one of a kind
Is this truly blocking of the mind or the awaking of eternal slumber
And my full potential has been locked away in a safe and I've just
unfortunately forgotten the number
In fact.what if my full potential is impossible to contain
There would be no shelter in this place you could seek
I feel that through thorough investigation
And through the deepest of meditation
Not only has my train finally taken off from the station
But I finally realize how powerful I am,Im going to change the nation
Gone are the days where I sit idle by myself
And let my abilities get rusty and collect dust on the shelf
I'm going to crush my own boundaries one line at a time
I'm taking all things over all with the simple ability to rhyme
As I look back the clock doesn't tell time anymore
It more or less asks me what I've been waiting for
Imagine mind is no longer heavy
I'm back in the saddle and I'm finally ready
A bad case of writers block pushing me to my limit
Has instead taken me to new heights never again to prohibit
I'm awake now, a breathtaking release
I apologize for the wait world, now on for the road to peace

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