I am a soldier in the endless war
Good vs. evil, what's the score
This fight's been going on so long
That keeping score feels rather wrong
I don't know how we're going to win
When we are drowning in our sin
Fighting demons with our Bibles
Only to create new rivals
Watching them spawn endlessly
While they're accusing us of heresy
Saying we're no more than liars
While they're already in hell fires
They're just a pawn inside this game
Well I'm a charging bishop mane
Splitting the board to make it fair
My blade is starting to show wear
Dulled from all the strikes I've made
With every swing the shadows fade
Holy light's what gives me strength
To keep the demons at arm's length
Throw them back into the chasm
They're rotten right down to the plasm
Decaying while my faith keeps growing
Probably blind, no way of knowing
Until the end comes over me
I'm walking past the emerald sea
And through the plains ethereal
I heard the horns of Gabriel
The gate's still locked, I've got no key
I'll wait outside for all eternity

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