Where did it come from this presence of mine
To look at its vastness it came with time
Confidence shouting and reaching its heights
Pull me down fast with all of your might
Hold me close, don't let go towards fright
Look away past clouds and storms
to be able to reach past the withering fights
Out of the cold we start to descend
With one perfect notion we walk hand in hand
Watch the lights as they dance compelling us near
We shall always be together and never to tear
Apart is where we become less alike
Something as close as ours the bond we shall hold tight
We belong together as simple as a mold
Holding all emotions and doing what we're told
Let others' hearts rest in their cold
To be as emotionless as the rest will suffer and fold
every last hope we have left to rest in each other's hold
Night after night and day after day the closer we become
the harder it is to stay frozen in time on this very day
Break free of the frigid and make your way
to the light and the warmth where we shall lay
forever till eternity is what was meant
The hold of my heart should never be lent
I am yours, all or nothing, take me with pride
"You will always be loved," I softly cried

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