I am a lonely bird,
A lonely mother eagle,
That lets the force of nature
Control her
Control her body, and her wings
I am steered by the forces of the Mother Nature.

My heart says, "This is eternity."
The mountain says, "Come for you are the snow,
Upon my brow."
The lakes say, "You have my peace and calm."
The earth says, "You have my strength."
The sun says, "Shine in the likes of me, go beyond, Listen."

My eyes search for the one I sorely miss,
The one I want the most,
Yet cannot find him.

The skies says, "Come, for you are,
The heavens and the earth,
The wind and the clouds,
The snow and the lakes,
Be free."

Suddenly, a hand appears and strikes me to the ground;
Yet I feel no pain.
My wings snap out of their joints,
Yet I feel nothing.
I see myself behind my lids;
A lonely bird I was.

My eyes search again for the one I love the most, but in vain
I cannot find him.
My heart comforts me: "You will find him."

I go back
Back in time
Back in space
To the moment when everything was created
The stars walk backwards;
Beneath my lids,
I close my eyes.

The heavens say: "Come to me, where you will be free,
For this is eternity."

The sky summoned me;
From my body,
I could see the stars twinkling in a friendly way,
Inviting me to join them
Yet I did not go;
The clouds called me from the sky,
Yet I did not go.

I am everything I learned and more,
Still it called me,
"I care for you, so come."
They were all inside me,
It was like the tide
Which rushed in, and settled back,
In a friendly way, you remind me.

The heaven calls again, "Come to me, where you will be free,
For this is eternity."
At last, I was persuaded.

I left my body.
My friends,
My soul and spirit,
They came together, they became one entity.
I left them,
For this is eternity.

I ascended.
I stood on clouds, my gaze zeroing upon a far, distinct figure
My heart leapt, for it was true;
My spirit soared, correct as it was

There he was, standing before me,
The one my eyes sought, for my entire life,
There he was, more beautiful than any other of this earth,
The one I sorely missed,
The one I loved the most,
He was mine.

He stood with his hands beckoning me,
Smiling at me,
The one for whom my heart ached.

Excitement coursed through me,
I bounded straight up to him,
We hugged tightly,
Like two particles that had longed to be one, for their whole life.

He spoke, his voice melting like honey in my ears,
"This is heaven, this is eternity."

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