Eternity In Fire, Eternity In Sm

Eternity In Fire, Eternity In Smoke

In the dark of the night,
A man screamed in fright.
From the shadows a bat did drop,
To the ground he did stop.

Frightened and confused the man did swoon,
Breathlessly screaming under the moon.
Torn and tattered he crawled to town,
To tell of the bat’s mysterious drop down.

In the shadows from the bat came a move,
A simple sound, a mere “coo”.
The bat was changing, a different shape,
Elsewhere the ground to quake.

The bat was swallowed by the earth,
In its place… a birth.
A demon child with hair of gold,
Eyes of black and a hunger for souls.

To the town the child walked with pride,
A simple child with lust in his eyes.
A lust for love, a lust for a call,
A lust for the man who saw him fall.

Straight to him the child walked with desire,
Desire to make him one with the fire.
For his life, the man pleaded and begged,
Finally, the man fell to the ground dead.

There was talk and gossip all over town,
But the two were no where to be found.
Many in their circles could try to evoke,
Eternity in fire, eternity in smoke.

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