In search of the wolf, by moon's low light,
I followed tracks of deer in flight.
'cross fallen pine, I read the sign of fear and flight and hunt,
Of sweated flight and coming night,
And the joy of need and want.
I drank deep the scent of blood, the intoxicating high.
Sweet sound the final sigh.
I flew the grey and misty sky,
To trace the dragon's path.
The ground below a blackened scene, an ashen, blasted swathe.
I saw from edge of clouds the flames, as tongues from tongue they leapt,
And witnessed light from scales mirrored,
As breath, red molten wept.
I rode the unicorn,
Grasped it's horn,
While hooves splashed gold beneath,
And swam in krakens grasp the path,
to the one-eyed Cyclops’ isle.
I fought a thousand fears for you and shed a million tears.
Won the bouts but lost the war, and stood before heart's padlocked door.
Another's name whispers on the wind.
No more time have I to spend, mourning at the gate,
I raise my head and pledge my hand to an unknown fate.

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