Euphoria’s Drugs

Electric vibes drip off of you and leak onto the floor.
From head to toe I come undone, infected to your fun.
Yeah, I'm moving kind of crazy.
My head is feeling hazy.
No antidote can save me.
Damn, you're amazing!
I'm having dirty visions,
afraid to ask permission;
but I've made a decision
to break the friction.
Fuck the rules, cheat the system.
I am driven to be your submissive.
That kind of smile is so vicious!
You don't have to be a loner.
We can fuck in disclosure.
Better keep my composure,
before my thoughts spill over! (ha-ha-ha)
Your sweat is falling.
Have I found my calling,
to be your darling?
You look so fuckin charming!
You could be a spell,
a welcoming hell to crawl out of my shell;
and kiss normal farewell.
You've got a trance that no rebel could ever repel.
I love the smell that you sell.

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